At DroneSAR, we are building software that reduces risk to rescue personnel and increases their ability to rescue missing persons. DroneSAR is just another tool designed to empower rescue personnel but we believe it will transform how Search & Rescue is carried out using drones. We take this job seriously, that's why we recruited a very special team.



The DroneSAR - Search and Rescue software was built by a team who are on a mission. To build DroneSAR experts in a wide range of fields including Mountain Search & Rescue, Military Helicopter Operations and the Commercial Drone Industry were brought together by an award-winning app designer. The team has grown and with it, the passion to create software that protects first responders and makes them more effective has flourished too. 



The DroneSAR software has evolved from its basic version incorporating feedback from search teams from around the world. This had led to two versions of the software, the basic version is designed for individual volunteers whilst the advanced version is designed to allow command and control of multiple pilots in the field, incorporating live tracking of drone position and video feed as well as chat functionality to allow for coordination of large rescues involving multiple teams. The trial is free, get started today!



Helicopter Pilot
Aeronautical Engineer
World Champion Surf lifesaver



Mountain Rescue Volunteer
R & D Specialist



Award Winning App Developer
Satellite, Communications & Electronic Engineer


Dublin, Ireland

We would love to hear from you, please feel free to reach out, with an idea, a request or just to say hello! We keep ourselves busy developing our software, but don't worry we will be sure to respond!

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