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DroneSAR & DJI


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DroneSAR & Viewranger


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DroneSAR & DJI

DJI, the world's leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, and DroneSAR, the Irish tech start-up revolutionizing the search and rescue industry, on Thursday announced a new search and rescue app that seamlessly integrates a drone's unique aerial perspective on life-and-death searches into incident management software, ensuring rescue crews can use drones effectively to save lives.

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DroneSAR & European Space Agency

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An Irish start-up developing software for emergency services drones has been named the first client of the Cork-based ESA incubator. 

Based in Dublin, DroneSAR’s software enables autonomous search flight patterns for drones and can live-stream high-resolution images and video back to incident control.

The location of the person or persons in distress can also be identified with GPS coordinates, shared instantaneously with search-and-rescue teams on the ground via SMS or email.


DroneSAR & Viewranger


Craig Wareham, ViewRanger CEO, said: “ViewRanger is already used and trusted by more than 250 search and rescue teams across Europe and North America. DroneSAR has created an innovative and powerful way to manage and operate drones efficiently in search and rescue situations.

“Together, DroneSAR’s flight management technology and ViewRanger’s mapping, navigation and tracking technology will deliver key operational advantages for search and rescue operations.”

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DroneSAR & Copernicus


DroneSAR, an Irish start-up comprised of four tech, business, and search and rescue-savvy individuals in Donegal, Ireland, hope their software platform makes drone-based search and rescue missions a little more intuitive, cheaper, and slightly less complicated. According to local publication the Independent, the DroneSAR software was specifically developed to be compatible with the most popular, commercially available drone models, to reach as high an adoption rate as possible.

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DroneSAR & AstroSAT


Astrosat, one of the leading businesses in Europe’s space exploitation industry, has formed a partnership with Irish start-up DroneSAR- Search & Rescue, to incorporate drone software with Astrosat’s Recovery and Protection in Disaster (RAPID) system.


Steve Lee, CEO of Astrosat, said: “DroneSAR’s technology will fit beautifully with our RAPID system. With RAPID’s ability to provide up-to-date mapping images in less than three hours, and the ability to interlace footage from drones, we are giving first responders the most detailed picture available.”

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DroneSAR & Beach Rescue


Clare officials have recruited a drone to help search-and-rescue operations along the coast, with lifeguarding now taking to the skies.

One of the most obvious areas for robotics and drone technology to exploit is search, rescue and disaster relief.

So it should come as no surprise that Irish start-up DroneSAR has teamed up with Clare County Council to boost its lifeguarding operations.

Home to some of Ireland’s most iconic coastlines, and attracting significant numbers of tourists, surfers and swimmers to its shores, Clare’s lifeguarding requirements are extensive.

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DroneSAR & National Start Up Awards


Innovative drone search and rescue app shortlisted for National Startup Awards

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