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Easily Capture, Analayze and Respond

to drone data in operational real time


Capture aerial data with ease, using commercially available off the shelf (affordable) drones. Allow drone pilots to fly their missions while the data is transferred to the subject matter expert


Using the DroneSAR live browser, Commanders can view live drone position and footage from multiple drones, as they fly 'in-the-field'. See all Points of Interest as soon as they are captured and analyse before taking further action



DroneSAR allows two way communication from the browser to the drone pilots. This is through a live text channel and a 2-way audio channel. Send missions from the browser to the pilots, as more information becomes available. 


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DroneSAR was designed 

BY first responders

FOR first responders

DroneSAR Grid 2.png

The DroneSAR app allows drone pilots 'in-the-field' to choose automatic flight functions and to share live data with Command and Control Units, real time. Communication is facilitated via a live chat interface between mission control and drone pilots. Points of interest (POI’s) can be relayed for immediate assessment

and decision making. Areas can be mapped with 2D photo missions. All images are sent to the DroneSAR web browser for appraisal. 


In mission-critical operations, visual data is a necessity for information purposes. For drone data to be truly applicable in emergency response it needs to be assimilated, processed, communicated and understood in operational real-time and at the highest possible quality and

speed. The DroneSAR LIVE BROWSER allows tracking of multiple drones including pilot audio and text. This service is vital if pitfalls and barriers are to be addressed.


Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 22.23.12.png


By organising the process of data collection and providing a framework to manage and analyse captured data, DroneSAR ensures drones can be applied methodically as part of a rescue protocol, enabling teams to work more effectively and safely.

The DroneSAR TEAM app allows Team Members to become part of on-going missions from their smart device. 

Use the DroneSAR pilot text, 2-way audio and send missions from the live browser to the pilots. 

Live Browser Mac.jpg

DroneSAR Pilot

DroneSAR PILOT Logo.png
DroneSAR Pilot
DroneSAR Waypoint.png

The DroneSAR Pilot app is the most basic version of the DroneSAR softwares. The app allows drone pilots use of the fully automatic flight functions without the ability to stream drone data to the DroneSAR browser. Let DroneSAR do the flying, while the pilots can concentrate on what matters the most, the live drone video. DroneSAR Pilot still retains the ability to share a location using the built in DroneSAR Share Location function.

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Have unlimited use of the automatic flight functions while still retaining some of the connected functions

share icon.png


Share location of any points of interest found while the drone flies. Send the drone position information, the camera image and links to get directions to the drone position. E-mail addresses will have to be entered manually each time. Email groups may be entered on the DroneSAR Command software.



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Flight functions include:

  • Waypoint Mission

  • Grid Mission

  • Single Point Mission

  • Pause, Hover, Adjust speed

  • Replan missions while in-flight

Enjoy all of the functions as you would normally experience on the DJI Go App

DroneSAR Command

DroneSAR Command

Browser Mac 3D.jpg

The DroneSAR app allows drone pilots 'in-the-field' to choose automatic flight functions AND to share live data with Command and Control Units, in real time. Communication is facilitated via a live chat interface between mission control and drone pilots. Points of interest (POI’s) can be relayed for immediate assessment and decision making. Areas can be mapped with 2D photo missions. All images are sent to the DroneSAR web browser for appraisal. 

affordable icon.jpg


Enjoy all of the functions as you would normally experience on the DroneSAR Pilot App plus a range of connected functions to allow drone pilots be fully situationally aware while in direct contact with team members and command units. 



Add team member details to your DroneSAR app. Team members can be categorised into groups for easy access while the intensity is high during missions. When sharing location, these details will be used to allow drone pilots quickly select relevant teams who need drone information in the quickest possible time. 





DroneSAR Command is fully connected, which means it retains all of the in-flight functions while multiplte drones can be monitored by the SME (subject Matter Expert) in the Command Unit.

In the second phase of the drone efficacy study with DJI & EENA, some of the recommendations were:

1. Develop Communication Protocols

2. Technology development for efficient ops

3. Plan to co-ordinate better


All of these recommendations were incorporated into the DroneSAR software to allow drone pilots remain fully connected to Command Units, while retaining the ability to fly autonomous missions. 

Read the FULL Report HERE

DroneSAR Command includes all of the DroneSAR Pilot flight functions. It does, however, include a number of additional features that will make for a more efficient flight for the pilots. As the name suggests, Command Units will now be able to monitor multiple drones operating at various locations. Some of these functions include:

  • Grid and Waypoint Missions

  • Lat/Long & What3Words Missions

  • Save Missions for regularly flown areas

  • Add Team details

  • Share location

  • Drop Pins and save for further flights afterward

  • Stream Live video 

  • Pilot Chat and 2-way Audio

Much more..



Chat directly to the pilots from any internet browser when logged in through the DroneSAR web browser. Use the pilot text chat OR the live 2-way audio channels to keep the pilots informed of any updates to search situations. For the pilots, use the preloaded 'one touch' replies to reduce the distraction levels while the workload is high while in-flight. 



From the Command centres, log in from any internet browser using  secure username and password. From a single portal, monitor multiple drones as they complete their missions.

  • View live drone position, altitiude and speed.

  • View live drone feed

  • See all dropped pins, immediately as they are place by the pilot. This will include an image from the camera.

  • Send Missions to the pilots, as new information becomes available for the search areas.

  • Chat to the pilots using the text or 2-way audio.

  • View all missions flown and streamed video in the archive section for post mission analysis. 

DroneSAR Team


About Us

Oisin McGrath


Helicopter Pilot Instructor
Aeronautical Engineer
Drone Instructor & Examiner
World Champion Surf lifesaver

Matthew Kelly


Award Winning App Developer
Satellite, Communications & Electronic Engineer

Leo Murray


Mountain Rescue Volunteer
R & D Specialist

Gearoid OBriain


Flight Instructor
Executive MBA
Drone Instructor & Examiner
Degree in Aviation & Business Management


Our Mission

At DroneSAR, we are building software that reduces risk to rescue personnel and increases their ability to rescue missing persons. DroneSAR is just another tool designed to empower rescue personnel but we believe it will transform how Search & Rescue is carried out using drones. We take this job seriously, that's why we recruited a very special team.

Our Team

The DroneSAR - Search and Rescue software was built by a team who are on a mission. To build DroneSAR experts in a wide range of fields including Mountain Search & Rescue, Military Helicopter Operations and the Commercial Drone Industry were brought together by an award-winning app designer. The team has grown and with it, the passion to create software that protects first responders and makes them more effective has flourished too. 

Our Software

The DroneSAR software has evolved from its basic version incorporating feedback from search teams from around the world. This had led to two versions of the software, the basic version is designed for individual volunteers whilst the advanced version is designed to allow command and control of multiple pilots in the field, incorporating live tracking of drone position and video feed as well as chat functionality to allow for coordination of large rescues involving multiple teams. The trial is free, get started today!



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Thanks for reaching out!

Co-Lab, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, 





Christopher Todd


Airborne Response

“DroneSAR are inspiring entirely new levels of aviation-based search and rescue innovation”

download (5).png

Romeo Durscher

Director of Public Safety


“DroneSAR is the complete rescue package. Taking drone technology to the next level. Reducing search time, reducing risks..These guys will help save thousands of lives”


Derek Flanagan

Ops Manager

Irish Coast Guard

Drone SAR is the missing link between SAR and drone technology by adding structure, organisation and resilience to SAR operations and reducing risk to team members.

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