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  • Can I use the DroneSAR app for free?
    Yes! We offer a 30 day free trial version (per drone) allowing you to explore the features of the app. However once the 30 day trial ends, you will need to select and purchase which plan would you like to continue with.
  • Do I need wifi or GSM signal to fly missions?
    The DroneSAR software allows pilots to pre-plan their flights and to cache the maps while in wifi/network coverage. Missions can be flown without the need for wifi/GSM signal. To share location, using the email feature the ipad will need wifi/GSM signal. For the professional package, in order to stream live drone positional data and to stream live drone video the ipad will require wifi/GSM signal
  • How do I download the software?
    he DroneSAR software is ONLY compatible with IOS devices from the following list: IPad Air IPad Air 2 It is available for download on the Apple App store
  • Does DroneSAR have a distance or Altitude limit?
    No, the DroneSAR software is designed to allow drone pilots best use of the exemptions they may have from their National Authority. The DroneSAR software does not have a distance or altitude limit, hence, it is the drone pilots responsibility to abide by the drone regulation as published by their National Authority
  • What drones is the DroneSAR software compatible with?
    The DroneSAR software is currently only compatible with DJI drones. The types of drones are listed below: DJI Phantom 3 (all models) DJI Phantom 4 (all models) DJI Inspire 1 DJI Inspire 2 DJI Mavic (all models) DJI Mavic Air DJI M200/210 DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Series It supports field of view for all the DJI stock cameras including the XT (Thermal Camera) The field of view lines painted on the map will not increase or decrease with the change in zoom when using the Z3 or XT cameras
  • Does the Field of View related to the camera tilt setting?
    No, the field of view is based on the camera tilted in the fully down (90 degree down) position. This is the smallest field of view, hence any increase in camera tilt will allow for increased overlap on each leg. The field of view display is set for camera tilted vertically down
  • Can I fly without holding the transmitter?
    Yes, the DroneSAR software is specially designed to allow drone pilots monitor the drone progress and changes the drone speed, camera angle, etc while holding the iPad
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