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Pricing Guide

During emergency response, time matters

Use the DroneSAR App


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DroneSAR Pilot

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DroneSAR Pilot is the most basic of the softwares. Allowing all of the automatic flight functions without the ability to connect and share information to/from the DroneSAR browser, stream video or live chat

DroneSAR Command

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DroneSAR Command allows the full range of automatic flight functions coupled with the full level of connectivity to the DroneSAR browser. Multiple drones can be connected to allow maximum situational awareness for drones teams and command & control units. 

DroneSAR Custom

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Contact us and allow us to customise DroneSAR for your agency, built for your requirements. 

Annual Subscription:
€150 / year
Coming Soon

Waypoint missions

Custom Grid missions

Lat/Long Missions 

What3Words Missions

Share Location

Full range of in-flight functions

(SAVE 17%)
Annual Subscription:
€350 / year
Monthly Subscription:
€35 / month

Full range of DroneSAR Pilot Functions

Enter Team Members

Stream Live Video

Access to DroneSAR browser

Push missions from the browser

Live Pilot Chat - Text & Audio

Contact us for more:

Customisable App Logo

Add Specific Maps

Overlay features (e.g. Wire over lays)

Add up to date Satellite imagery 

Link to other response softwares

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