Autonomous Flight Patterns


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Fly to a


CUSTOM GRIDS: For large search areas, customise your grid by dragging the grid points as required. Choose the search altitude, search speed and the grid line orientation. 

WAYPOINT MISSIONS: For linear/handrail features, use the waypoint mission to route along the required path. Teelines, forest breaks, rivers, waterway edges. See the field of view painted on the map and relate it to the camera view. 

POINT MISSIONS: For single point missions, simply enter a lat/long which can be in decimal or Degrees/Minutes/Seconds Or use the What3Word designator for instant flight to that point. 

FIELD OF VIEW: As the drone flies, see the field of view painted on the drone pilot map. This helps to relate wha the drone pilot sees on his camera view to the terrain on the map. This is a unique feature of the DroneSAR Pilot app. 

Share location & Drop Pins

Incident command
First responders

SHARE LOCATION: As the drone flies, share the drone location. DroneSAR will automatically send an email with drone position, Google map link, What3 Words link and the image from the camera. 

DROP PINS: On seeing points of interest that may require further inspection, Drop a Pin. These are stored on the DroneSAR pilot app to allow the drone to be flown back for further inspection.  


Monitor MULTIPLE Drone Video Feeds

DRONE POSITION: Monitor the intended drone track and track already flown using the 2D & 3D browser. Multiple drones can be tracked simultaneously. 

LIVE VIDEO: Monitor the LIVE streamed video from the pilot 'in the field'. Each drone can be selected individually to monitor the video from that drone. 

CONNECT with pilots using AUDIO and TEXT

LIVE AUDIO CHANNELS: Connect directly with the drone pilots as they fly using the DroneSAR live audio chat channels. Get updates from the scene or request specific camera angles from the pilots. 

PILOT TEXT CHANNELS: Using the text bar, type messages to individual pilots. Messages will be displayed by the pilot who can reply using pre-prepared responses or by typing a message. 

PUSH MISSIONS from the browser

PUSH MISSIONS: Command and Control Units can now push desired missions to the pilots 'in-the-field'. The missions are created on the secure DroneSAR browser and are pushed to the team pilots. Pilot will have to accept the mission, save it and can fly it when they are ready! This saves unnecessary complications when choosing search areas that have been assigned. 

Fly Automatic Photo Missions

PHOTO MISSIONS: Rather than rely on the live video, why not repeat the mission using our automatic photo capture. DroneSAR will capture images at set intervals for easy stitching post flight. These images are stored for future use. 



DroneSAR are currently partnered with European Space Agency and the Copernicus network of satellites to integrate up to date satellite imagery into the DroneSAR pilot app and the DroneSAR live browser. 




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Valid for 30 days. Access all features of the app including autonomous search functions, location sharing and remote drone tracking and video monitoring from any browser, globally.

Subscription per drone providing unlimited access to all DroneSAR Search, Share & Stream features. The software will constantly evolve to optimize your Search & Rescue Drone Operations. 



Affordable drones provide first responders with a whole new perspective, but their capabilities are limited when it comes to systematic search. The DroneSAR  app was built to solve this. 

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